Connection design

Our engineers are experienced, qualified and able to prepare various size and complexity of structural steel connection design. We use latest software IDEA Statica and this gives us flexibility and complete freedom for our creativity of connection design. Also, it reduces potential clashes in connections which may happen with other regular 2D design tools.

We can prepare design for all types of welded and bolted connections, base plates, footings, and anchoring. No matter the complexity of topology or loading, we can design and code-check whatever connections and joints your project requires. Software we are using was the first one to combine the traditional Component method (i.e equations) with FEM analysis.


Advantages of using the latest software


Clear pass/fail checks. Complete reports. Design assumptions explained. Thousands of tests ensure our project is safe and ready to build so you can rest easy.


Quickly assess the buildability of connections and details at any phase of a project. Better presentation of our work to customers.


We can save time designing and code-checking connections and details. Hundreds of templates, no limits to topology.


We can import data from CAD or FEA applications. Synchronized assumptions adjust to reflect any changes made. Minimize errors.