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Echo Structures Ltd. is not a traditional steel fabricator. Internally we are doing all drawings, structural and architectural design, surveys, steelwork coordination and project management. However, instead of holding our own workshop, we have partnership agreements with the various fabricators across London and can fabricate steel structures each time in a different place.  We are passionate to transform how steel industry works and this type of business brings many advantages:


Each workshop has different capacities and promised lead time can change once drawings are completed and ready to release into production. However, we can check production availability in various workshops and fabricate steels where lead time is the best at that time. Also, if we want to speed up the production even more, one part of the project can be made in one factory and another part in different factories. Spreading the load in different workshops we can offer a lead time which none of the single fabricators will be able to offer.

One very important factor which keeps our steel prices low is competition. We are not related to one factory and we can always check the best price offered from different workshops. Prices are inconsistent. They may be different in each workshop, because of various factors: availability, capacity, project complexity, location, special requirements etc. We will check each project individually and will find the best cost effective solution for our clients.



It's not a secret that each workshop specifies on a specific product. One workshop may be good at architectural metalwork (stairs, balustrades, gates etc.), another may be good at structural steelwork. We know each factory's weaknesses and strengths, so we can choose where to fabricate specific products. Our all supplied products will have certificates required by building standards. Our clients can sleep well and don't worry about quality issues.

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